Partner companies

The offer provided by the LINTER Group and complemented by the Group partners allows us to develop new business lines and jointly implement projects for clients from various industries.

Our partner business entities have well-established market position, qualified professionals and specialised equipment. The synergy effect of our business operations allows us to render our services under the general investment implementation scheme.

Our partner business entities:

PRI Metro Sp. z o.o. - specialised engineering and tunnelling services

pri_metroThe company was established in 2009 and its initial business activities covered services in the scope of repairs and overhauls of industrial machines and equipment.

In response to the ever-increasing market demand PRI METRO Sp. z o.o. has expanded its business operations with comprehensive building works and specialised construction projects.

The scope of works performed by PRI Metro is as follows:

  • construction and modernisation of sewerage systems implemented both in trenchless technologies (micro-tunnelling, relining, etc.) and in open-trench methods,
  • construction of retention reservoirs,
  • construction and modernisation of sewage treatment plants,
  • construction of TMB-drilled tunnels,
  • construction of bridges,
  • power installations and grids,
  • large reinforced-concrete press pits,
  • automated industrial and technological installations,
  • telecommunication works,
  • railway and tramway works,
  • road works.

Our know-how does not limit our business activity to execution and implementation but also allows us to provide consultancy for the Investor. Moreover, we work with credible and reliable Subcontractors offering competitive solutions.

Contact :

PRI Metro sp. z o.o.
ul. Budowlana 5G
40-301 Katowice
Biuro Warszawa      ul. Klasyków 10      03-115 Warszawa

tel. +48 22 864-57-50

VOLEN S.A. - automation of production and industrial processes

volenVolen S.A. is a company which specialises in services in the scope of projects and their implementation in the energy sector, automation of production and industrial processes and rendering comprehensive services covering among others:

  • development of concept and analyses
  • preparation of design documentation
  • procurement and supplies
  • on-site installations and assemblies
  • commissioning works
  • software for control and visualisation systems
  • participation in technological start-ups
  • warranty and post-warranty services

R&D Department in Volen S.A. expands its product offer and implements new solutions. The company also provides services in the scope of validation and certification processing along with the preparation of related documentation.


ul. Budowlana 5G
40-301 Katowice

tel.   +48 32 793 71 98