Rubber materials

Servicing of conveyor belts

LINTER S.A. offers a wide range of rubber and plastic products such as rings, disks, seals and belts. These products can be cast or extruded, it is also possible to rubber them or coat with such materials as thermoplastic or other composites.

The production of rubber products includes, among others:

closed circuits


trippers and skimmers

side-board guards

Based on our long-term cooperation with the leading belt producers we also offer:

fabric-rubber belts

steel-corded belts

1-ply belts

We perform overhauls of driving, return and tension pulleys and drums. We offer rubberising them with wear-resistant / flame-retardant lining and coating drums with ceramic lining. We coat metal surfaces of: tanks, chutes, sieves, screens, etc.

Our experienced service staff offer, among others :

provision of services in the range of belt repairs

full-scope disassembly of worn-out belts and mounting new ones

belt hot-vulcanisation and cold-bonding

We have taken part in many significant projects and guarantee the top quality of our services.